My main environmental activities


۱- My first serious environmental activity started on April 2013. I decided to cycle 1100 km for the nature in 16days.


 ۴% of Iran’s area is jungle that most of them located in the north.  Unfortunately many parts of them are destroying by man. I decided to cycle this part of my country to inform the importance of this forests in our life cycle.

In this program I passed oak Forests, k national park,  Miankaleh peninsula and… to picturing the beauties by camera and show to the people via my website.



۲- Cycling Km 300 around Qeshm Island to teach people how harmful are plastic bags

I cycled to broadcast my voice to every parts of the island.

Where ever I saw a group of kids, I started to talk about harms of plastic bags and their destructive effects on the nature.


۳-according to UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Program ,I decided to cycle 900 Km from Yasuj to Qeshm to introduce the most four important Iranian biosphere reserves , and the ways of conserving them .And also remind their importance to local communities.


Most people around this route didn’t have any Info about biosphere reserves, whom are living beside these important areas!

During the cycling I have some meeting about those problems and challenging to find a solution. I took a small step to declare Biological values of my country.



Many cyclist and environmental activists warmley welcomed me .




۴- Cycling from Qeshm island to Hengam island at the time of the hawksbill sea turtle’s spawning (Eretmochelys imbricata) that is a critically endangered sea turtle, to introduce importance of their rule in Life-cycle.

I sailed to Qeshm and on the way I used my time to inform people about this important creature that most of the people even never heard about their vital benefits.

And also I talked about how to protect their habitat.


۵- I decided to cycle west of Iran(around 2000Km) because of so these reasons:

·        Many rivers, lakes and wetlands run dry like Lake Urmia ,Karoon river

·        Destroying of oak forests of Zagros cause unsustainable developments

·        Introduce some endangered species that are living in west part of Iran like Otis tarda, Samandar Lorestani, Tetraonidae

During this plan in most of townships like Abadan , Ahwaz , Mahshahr , Khoram Abad , Kermanshah , Sanandaj , Mahabad , Tabriz and …  I had TV interviews and educational programs and I tried to talk about surviving species and saving nature to those who were interested.




۶- climbing Mount Damavand(5671m) to introduce indicator species


On the occasion of my birthday, I wanted to climb mount Damavand which is the highest peak in Iran .

I decided introduce indicator species of Damavand. After 3 weeks continuous effort and communicate with many zoologist, botanists and ichthyologists, the banner got ready to hang there.




۷- I arranged the celebration of national Asian Cheetah conservation day in Bandar Abbas with the purpose of telling people that 30 years ago Asian cheetah became extinct in Hormozgan province now we must conserve the other indicator animal species that still lives here like: Persian Leopard , Asian Black Bear , Bottlenose Dolphin , hawksbill sea turtle.

I could hang an advertising board of Animals for the first time of our city’s history.

Besides , I introduced some other species of our province (Hormozgan) that are endangered and I explained them.

In this meeting Head of the Department of Environment , NGOs and many Environmental activists were participated .

 I talked about history of National Cheetah Day , I marked the places in our country that they still live, I proposed some ways to conserve them and… I played a video that was produced specially for this day.




۸- At hunting season I bicycled 850km in eastern part of Hormozgan to Kerman province with this slogan : “ hunter , put down your gun. “

It was my first plan as VEGETARIAN.


I tried to remind animal right and their ecological importance to Local communities. And also regrettable situation of biodiversity. And the result was awesome, 2 hunters put their guns down.